Kennedy's Martial Arts Academy
What is Shaolin Kung Fu?

Many styles of Kung Fu have existed, but the greatest in terms of organization and overall training methods was developed out of a Buddhist monastery called the Shao Lin Temple. At the Shao Lin Temple, the art of Shaolin Kung Fu was formed. The first Shao Lin Temple was built in 377 A.D. in the Northern province of Ho Nan, China by order of an emperor for the purpose of Buddhist preaching and worship. In 527 A.D., an Indian Buddhist prince named Da Mo, came to the temple for religious preaching. Da Mo noticed that many of the monks were sick and weak from the many hours they spent in passive meditation without the benefits of physical exercise. Da Mo then went into seclusion for many years in order to find a way to strengthen the monks. He finally wrote his results down in two books: the Shi Sui Ching which was the source of Buddhist teachings and Yi Gin Ching which explained ways to strengthen the physical body. The latter book was taught for generations in the Shao Lin Temple. As a result, the increase in external power experienced by the monks encouraged them to investigate its special properties in order to develop ways of applying it for self defense against the thieves and robbers that the monks frequently fell victim to during their far journeys away from the temples. Consequently, the learning of martial techniques became a required course of study in addition to religious studies. During this time, Shaolin Kung Fu evolved into the most organized and effective external system ever developed.

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