Kennedy's Martial Arts Academy
What is Yoga?

“Yoga” literally means union of body and mind. It has been used throughout the centuries to promote and maintain physical and mental health, flexibility and youthfulness. Hatha yoga - the most common form of yoga which strives to balance body, mind and spirt -- combines physical poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama) and meditation (dhyana). Anyone and everyone can benefit from the practice of yoga. Whatever your reason for coming to the mat, many desired results await you. The documented medical benefits of yoga include increased strength and stamina, relief of stress and anxiety and lowered blood pressure. Many people start yoga for fitness reasons, only to find that yoga changes their lives in ways far beyond the physical. The emotional or spiritual benefits include finding a connection to something bigger than oneself, a sense of belonging and meaning to life, an opening of the heart to grace and a sense of peace and serenity. At the soul of yoga is the basic human desire for happiness -- most yoga students find that they live happier, healthier and more balanced lives with a regular practice. Whether you are seeking to improve your athletic performance, heal an old injury, increase your flexibility or simply reduce stress from a hectic lifestyle, you will find the practice of yoga to be filled with rich traditions and meaning that can enhance and even transform your quality of life.

At the Kennedy's Martial Arts Academy we focus on two styles of yoga; Vinyasa and Anusara. Both of these styles of yoga originate from Hatha yoga. Within our practice we focus on the attitude, alignment and action of the asana. The benefits of yoga include:

  • Focus on the mental and physical health of the individual. Practicing the postures helps in creating more awareness about the practitioner’s physical and emotional feelings.
  • Feeling energized after a class. Individuals feel less fatigued, more relaxed and calm after performing a series of postures aligned with breath.
  • A sense of heart opening. In class the individual is encouraged to express the pose within the body once the appropriate alignment has been obtained. This allows for self expression that the individual may not be able to achieve elsewhere in his or her life.
  • Regular practice tends to boost the immune system and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

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